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Policies and procedures have a variety of important functions.

They provide a common understanding and agreement on how things should be done, they provide clear instructions and guidelines on what should be done in a particular set of circumstances, they help protect the company against legal claims, help comply with legislation and support a consistent approach across the business.

We can develop a bespoke range of policies that benefit your company and employees, ensuring clarity, consistency of approach and engagement from supported staff.  All polices are legally compliant and take into account the needs of the business.

The contract of employment is the agreement between employer and employee which governs the relationship between both parties and should be used when you enlist a new employee.

Most employment contracts do not need to be in writing to be legally valid, but it is better if they are.

As each business has different needs and outlooks, we can take the time to carefully prepare a contract of employment for each employee ensuring that any disputes and ambiguity about the employment relationship can be minimised.

The employee handbook (staff handbook) traditionally contains organisational information and employment procedures which you expect your employees to follow during their employment with your organisation.

With the latest statistics demonstrating that most employees do not read most of their handbooks or even know where it is, it is important to provide information in a way that is engaging and reflective of your organisations culture.

We can provide a traditional handbook, or we can be developmental and work with you to create a culture book, individually tailored for your business.   This will be more engaging for the millennials and also be reflective of your culture and values.

A job description outlines the duties and responsibilities of a position.  It supports the success and efficiency of the business and clarifies what an employee is supposed to do and how to do it.

It is a written statement which enables an organisation to measure job performance, provides structure for discipline, enables pay grading to be structured, is a reference point for training and development areas, and enables an organisation to manage roles in a uniform way allowing the employee to know exactly how they are expected to perform.

We can help you create job descriptions that supports your organisational structure and success.   We would not only take into account the employees duties but also where an individual sits within an organisation, their key relationships and the dimensions of their role.

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