Being ethical in all we do

enables us to provide the best
to our clients and the best
for your organisation

Ethical in Everything we do

A manda Parvin is the Founder of Ethical HR Solutions. She has delivered robust HR solutions for all types of businesses, from start up initiatives to multi-national household names. She has worked within the public sector, private sector, SME and global organisations.

She fully understands the issues facing business owners and managers. The ethos of her company values stem from her personal principles of fairness, honesty and respect.

She has a passionate belief that everyone has unique skills, which with understanding and support, can be allowed the opportunity to become a valued member of an organisation.

With an honours degree in law, she continues academic development with the CIPD to ensure that the advice and support offered is of the highest calibre.


Amanda Parvin LLB Hons Assoc CIPD

Photography by David Batten