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Interviewing autistic individuals

Amanda is passionate about breaking down barriers to employment and is aware of the difficulties that disabled and autistic people face, particularly at the interview stage.  As part of the ITV Meridian Diversity

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Mental health and sport

Protecting our physical and mental wellbeing is paramount not only to the quality of our lives in general, but also our ability to function at work. Due to Amanda’s passion and understanding of physical activity, she coordinated a

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“Menopause” and its disability?

3 more hot sweats last night!!It’s not the hot weather, it’s the menopause!!A recent Employment Tribunal ruling suggests that the physical and psychological effects of the menopause could constitute a disability.

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Employing neurodiverse people

In the UK, only 16% of autistic adults are in full time employment, despite a very high percentage wanting to work.An IT and compliance business called Auticon has become the first enterprise to exclusively employ adults on the autistic spectrum, as IT consultants.
An IT and compliance business called Auticon has become the first

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Disability Confident

Disability confident scheme is a government scheme designed to help employers recruit and retain disabled people for their skills and talent.The scheme:Allows employers to have a greater understanding of disabilityAllows disabled people to fulfil their potential

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Volunteering has many positive benefits for individuals that would like to step into paid work.  It can:Increase your self confidence as you gain a sense of pride and identity.Increase your social and relationship skills.Benefit people with disabilities or chronic health conditions – research has demonstrated that adults show in improvement after volunteering.

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Changes to Employment Law

Statutory maternity pay (SMP), statutory paternity pay (SPP), statutory shared parental pay (ShPP) and statutory adoption pay (SAP) – Entitlement rise to £145.18 from £140.98

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Termination Payments

PILON is a payment made to an employee when employment is terminated without notice, instead of the employee working through a notice period and receiving pay in the normal way.

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Mental health

Time to change is an organisation that is trying to get people to change the way they think and act about mental health problems. Many employers are now signing up to the charities

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Privacy Policy

Here at Ethical HR Solutions we take your privacy seriously and will only use your personal information to administer your account and to provide the products and services you have requested from us

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Why HR?

In the past HR was known as Personnel.  Its function was mainly administrative. HR today offers a more impactful service to your organisation with a wider scope within our remit. Here at Ethical HR

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Data Protection Act

Is your company GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) ready? Since 25th May 2018 a European Union edict requires companies such as yours to inform it’s users and clients about

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