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Problems can arise in any workplace, making sure they are dealt with fairly and consistently may require an investigation.   Conducting a proper investigation allows an employer to fully consider the matter and then make an informed decision.


An investigator should carry out this fact-finding exercise to collect all the relevant information, completing a concise and impartial report of their findings.

We can support this process, ensuring that a thorough investigation is completed into the allegation, guiding you through and advising throughout.

It may often be difficult to decide whether a person’s performance and behaviour is a conduct or capability issue.  In some cases, a problem may appear at first to be a conduct issue, but later transpires to be one of capability or vice versa.

Many managers often ignore a problem as they do not know what to do and how to handle the situation.

Managing conduct and capability correctly can have positive benefits for managers, individuals and the organisation as it can change mindsets, enlighten managers and create consistency of approach across the whole business.

We can tailor and deliver training to your managers, giving them the skills and confidence to manage their team’s performance and behaviour.

Employee absence has a financial and performance related impact on a business.

Absent employees create a financial burden because of the drop-in productivity, there is a cost of bringing in a temporary replacement, and the extra work handed to other staff members can impact on staff morale.

We understand how frustrating this often-sensitive issue can be. We can make recommendations and implement techniques such as absence policies and procedures, return to work interviews, utilise specialist services such as Occupational Health or support with mental health.

We will work in partnership with you to ensure that we are firm but fair with your employees whilst helping you avoid the potential pitfalls and possible threat of legal action.

One of the greatest challenges in managing employees is dealing with underperformance.  It is important to have the tools to turn an underperforming employee into a satisfactory performer.

Carrying out a thorough performance management process can not only save an organisation time and money from dismissal, but it can encourage other colleagues to grow rather than being let go. This process gains staff loyalty and future support for the business and management.

We can objectively look at the problem and understanding the key issues, we can propose various solutions to fit your business need. It may be a matter of further training and company culture issues might need to be addressed.  We can implement this for you through a Performance Recovery Plan allowing for a mutually beneficial solution.

A disciplinary procedure is a structured process for dealing with difficulties which may arise as part of the working relationship, from either the employers or employees perspective.

These procedures are needed to make sure every individual is treated the same way in similar circumstances and to deal with issues fairly and reasonably.  They also ensure that employers comply with current law when dealing with perceived employee misconduct.

After completing a thorough investigation, we can advise and support you through the disciplinary process ensuring legal compliance to help safeguard your company from an employment tribunal hearing.

Grievances are concerns, problems or complaints raised by a staff member with management.   Anyone may at some time have problems or concerns with their working conditions or relationships with colleagues that they wish to raise.

We can ensure that the grievance is managed quickly and according to the statutory procedures, helping resolve workplace issues, regaining employee engagement and supporting continuity of organisational performance.

Termination of employment is the departure of an employee from a job. Termination may be voluntary on the employee’s part through resignation, or it may be in the hands of the employer for varying reasons such as dismissal or from a restructure.

We make sure that any release from the employment contract is completed correctly and is well considered as this can have an impact on your organisational reputation and on the remaining employees.

Staff leave their jobs for a variety of reasons, it could be relocation, career change, work overload, being micro managed or lack of career support.

Following the correct leaver process will give clarity to their remaining time in the organisation, a structured handover can be prepared, and it allows various departments to complete their documentation and processes in preparation for the departing employee.

We can create a new leaver process to ensure a fluid exit. We can also develop a structured exit interview that will provide helpful data which you can analyse and critically assess to help develop your organisation’s culture and improve attrition rates.

Mediation is the interactive process where a neutral third party assists disputing parties in resolving conflict through communication and negotiation.

We are an independent mediator that can work with your staff.  We do not express views about the specific conflict, we simply help facilitate a mutual resolution to the situation, resulting in both parties being able to continue their workplace relationships in a positive manner.

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