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As business owners, growth and prosperity is encouraging and fulfilling. However, sometimes, for reasons outside of your control, you must make difficult decisions to protect your businesses future and other employee’s jobs. Sometimes you are forced to consider restructuring and redundancies.

Restructuring and redundancies often seem straight forward with a compelling business case, however, you need to be compliant with the legal processes. Following a fair process and consulting with members of staff as per the legislation can ensure a ‘safe dismissal’ verdict in an employment tribunal.

We can support you with these difficult and often emotional situations, ensuring that the proposed changes have a sound rationale and that the process is legally compliant.

We can advise and work with you from your initial decision that change may be necessary, right through to any unfortunate eventuality that your employees may leave your company.

Succession planning is the process of identifying and developing potential future leaders or senior managers, as well as individuals to fill other business critical positions, either in the short or long term. As well as training and development activities, succession planning programmes typically include the provision of practical, tailored work experience relevant for future senior or key roles. The aim is for the organisation to be able to fill key roles effectively if the current post holder were to leave the organisation. We can work with you to ensure you have the right number of people with the right skills, in the right place at the right time to deliver your company objectives. We can ensure you reap the positive benefits for your organisation, such as the continuation of business links and cultural values and the retention of an employee’s understanding of your company. With personal development plans, learning paths and strategic planning, your staff will feel valued and supported in their desire to achieve success, creating valuable assets for your organisation.

Staff surveys identify and measure the critical people issues that are affecting your organisation’s performance and allow you to find out if you are seen as an employer of choice. Organisations can benefit from understanding how employees feel about important topics such as organisational structures, management communications, career paths and fair treatment in the work place. If people are unhappy at work, if they feel that their efforts are not rewarded, or they don’t understand the direction the company may be taking, this can impact on performance. We can analyse your data with your senior leaders, set up engagement groups and create constructive action plans to change any negative results into the positive, making employees feel heard, valued and a part of their company.

Recruitment covers the whole process of attracting, shortlisting and appointing suitable candidates for a job. Ensuring that you have the right person in the right place, at the right time is crucial to an organisation’s performance. We can create a recruitment process that ensures legal compliance, allows you to determine if the candidate is right for your culture and has the skills sets that will benefit your company. With the right job advertisement, clear job descriptions, supported structured and consistent interviews, assessment days, through to negotiating offers, we can offer this end to end process that will save you time and money. We will ensure that your company doesn’t fall into the potential recruitment pitfall, protecting you from discrimination and data protection.

Are used as part of recruitment. They normally involve a group of candidates that have applied for a particular role or roles and a selection of techniques are then used to measure the suitability of an individual for the job. We can develop and coordinate a successful day or half day assessment centre bespoke to your needs and your preferred location. You may like to choose a group exercise, role play, a presentation, one to one competency-based questions based on your values or even an IT test. Whichever you feel will demonstrate the skills that you are looking for. All exercises will be in line with current thinking and up to date employment law.

Are a key component of culture. They depict the tone of the entire organisation, how it conducts business and how it is perceived by its employees, customers and industry peers. These values support your vision and mission statements. We would listen to you and understand what you value. We can create new values with you or identify the values that currently exist in your workplace, determining if these are the right values for your organisation.

Are a performance management tool that aims to ensure employees performance contributes to business objectives and are used as a holistic approach to managing performance. They allow for a genuine two-way conversation, can recognise achievements, allows for employee development conversations and agreeing action plans. We can create a well-constructed and considered performance review process which reflects the needs of your business, is simple, yet effective and led by your overarching company objectives, to ensure employees are focused on the bigger picture and their part in delivering business goals.

A HR strategy is the strategy adopted by an organisation which identifies the current and future human resource needs to achieve the organisational objectives. It does this through the integration of an organisation’s culture, its employees and systems through coordinating a set of actions to get the required business goal. The HR strategy must be aligned to the organisations mission and vision. We can understand your business strategy and create a plan to ensure your human capital will support your objectives, offering flexibility, to take account of any contextual influences.

Induction is the process of welcoming newly recruited employees and supporting them to adjust to their new roles and working environments. Starting a new job can be a stressful experience and new employees need help to settle in. Without an induction programme, new employees get off to a bad start and never really understand the organisation itself or their role in it. In extreme cases, the new employee leaves, either through resignation or dismissal which not only results in wasted time and money but reduced morale for the remaining staff and damage to the organisation’s reputation. We can work with you to create an induction programme that will support the new recruit and ensure they have the tools to deliver their expected performance.

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