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Radio interview on innovative interview techniques for disabled candidates

Further to our ITV Meridian news article which focussed on interviewing individuals differently, I was invited to be a guest on Paul Andrews Business Bunker radio show.

We discussed the TV news item which offered an innovative new way to interview autistic individuals differently so that they could demonstrate their skills and suitability for the position without having sensory overload.

This news story has led to us working with several local organisations to create a more inclusive interview process which will hopefully increase the diversity of their workforce.

A diverse workforce not only supports excellent moral, legal and business reasons but it also reflects your CSR as ethical employment has an impact on the community.

Workforce diversity can also help bridge the gaps between the workplace and the marketplace, opening up new markets.   Companies that mirror their marketplace can enhance their image and send a positive signal to stakeholders and potential investors.

Posted 3/6/19

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