Our Values

Our beliefs and culture are genuine and authentic.

Flexible HR service


When we are ethical in our approach, we know that we are acting fairly and honourably so that everyone feels validated and valued.


Be authentic, genuine and sincere in your approach as anything less than this cannot live within our culture.


When we listen to people, we can understand their needs, respect their goals and create a simple and workable solution.


Respect our fellow human beings by valuing the uniqueness that we all possess and treating each other as equal.

We believe in giving back to our world

We don’t just believe in our internal values, we live this outside of our company by giving our time, passion and energy to causes that will positively impact on the quality of peoples lives and society.

An equal voice

With the belief that everyone has the right to enjoy all aspects of life equally and in line with our sister company Human To Human Employment CIC, Amanda volunteers her time on the ITV Meridian Diversity and Equality panel, to ensure that there is a full representation of society within our news stories.


Mental wellbeing

Mental and physical wellbeing is hugely important to us. As a Trustee of Kenward Trust, Amanda provides her time to ensure good governance of the charity.


Food and shelter

Regardless of circumstances, people often find themselves in a difficult position and in need of food and shelter. Providing this with dignity and respect is something Amanda strongly believes in and gives her time to.