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CVs are the opportunity to make a positive first impression to potential employers regarding a job position that you are seeking.

They offer a written overview of a person’s experience and other qualifications and are used to screen applicants.

We will ensure you receive a quality, concise and coherently formatted document that successfully summarises what is often hard to convey on paper.

We will support this will an effective covering letter to ensure you are covered for every opportunity.

Mentoring is where a more experienced individual shares their greater knowledge to support the development of an inexperienced person.

The mentor supports the mentee through teaching, nurturing and responding to the learners needs.

We can work with you on an individual basis, at your pace and in line with your style of studying.   We will explain how every aspect of HR impacts on another area and how doing HR right can have a really positive influence on the culture and performance of a company.

Unfortunately, all sorts of issues can arise at work.  Understanding your rights as an employee is important when there is a controversial dispute.

We can advise you on your statutory and contractual rights to ensure you are being treated fairly and make recommendations how to deal with them.

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