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Ethical HR Solutions provides tailor made services for large organisations, small businesses and individuals. If you would like to find out more about what we provide, we have arranged our services into four easy to find areas. 1Difficult situations helps you broach those sensitive areas that all employers have to handle from time to time. If these are not handled correctly they could have a negative impact on your business. 2Development and change encompasses a range of situations that can positively change your organisation, creating a better working environment and a more productive workforce. 3One to One service supports individual employees when they need help to develop or when they need to understand their rights in the workplace. 4Writing services is vital to ensure you have the key employment documentation needed in the work place to stay legally compliant.

If you feel that you have anything else that you need support with that is not listed here, please call us and we will endeavour to help you.

Problems can arise in any workplace, making sure they are dealt with fairly and consistently may require an investigation. Conducting a proper investigation allows an employer to fully consider the matter and then make an informed decision. An investigator should carry out this fact-finding exercise to collect all the relevant information, completing a concise and impartial report of their findings. We can support this process, ensuring that a thorough investigation is completed into the allegation, guiding you through and advising throughout.
As business owners, growth and prosperity is encouraging and fulfilling. However, sometimes, for reasons outside of your control, you must make difficult decisions to protect your businesses future and other employees jobs. Sometimes you are forced to consider restructuring and redundancies. Restructuring and redundancies often seem straight forward with a compelling business case, however, you need to be compliant with the legal processes. Following a fair process and consulting with members of staff as per the legislation can ensure a ‘safe dismissal’ verdict in an employment tribunal. We can support you with these difficult and often emotional situations, ensuring that the proposed changes have a sound rationale and that the process is legally compliant. We can advise and work with you from your initial decision that change may be necessary, right through to any unfortunate eventuality that your employees may leave your company.
It may often be difficult to decide whether a person’s performance and behaviour is a conduct or capability issue. In some cases, a problem may appear at first to be a conduct issue, but later transpires to be one of capability or vice versa. Many managers often ignore a problem as they do not know what to do and how to handle the situation. Managing conduct and capability correctly can have positive benefits for managers, individuals and the organisation as it can change mindsets, enlighten managers and create consistency of approach across the whole business. We can tailor and deliver training to your managers, giving them the skills and confidence to manage their team’s performance and behaviour.
The employee handbook (staff handbook) traditionally contains organisational information and employment procedures which you expect your employees to follow during their employment with your organisation. With the latest statistics demonstrating that most employees do not read most of their handbooks or even know where it is, it is important to provide information in a way that is engaging and reflective of your organisations culture. We can provide a traditional handbook, or we can be developmental and work with you to create a culture book, individually tailored for your business. This will be more engaging for the millennials and also be reflective of your culture and values.

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