Flexible HR service

Flexible HR service

Flexible HR service

Flexible HR service

W e provide a personal, bespoke professional HR consultancy service to companies and individuals in Kent and the UK. Our service is on a flexible basis, to fit with your business needs so that we can support you to help make the right decisions for your business by bringing our expertise in all areas of HR including employment law, HR strategy and operational HR.

We only work in an ethical way. We understand that companies have to make difficult decisions, but we will work with you to ensure that such decisions are handled correctly and fairly in accordance with legal compliance to create ethical solutions.

We will be by your side, guiding you through the processes and offering you of all the options available to you to ensure that you can make educated decisions for the health and well being of your business and employees.

Due to our Founders passion and experiences, Amanda is now a member of the ITV Meridian Diversity and Equality panel. This platform has allowed her to raise issues through the evening news programmes to an audience of 380,000 viewers.
Since her first news story which focussed on interviewing autistic individuals differently, our client base has developed to support talented autistic individuals into the workplace through organisations restructuring their interview process.

Please follow Amanda Parvin’s Video Blog for Ethical HR Solutions’s latest research and see the news articles for updates.

‘You are my inspiring and creative angel’

‘We have been working together on my business strategy.  In our first session, Amanda came up with genius ideas. Since then, the Yonet foundation is getting stronger.  She has advised and guided me through to get my company to the next level. Amanda is an amazing, passionate and unique person. She listens at first and then her creative and inspiring ideas have no limits.  Dream big, act even bigger, that’s how it feels working with Amanda Parvin. My recommendation is – don’t wait, start working with Ethical HR Solutions today.’

Marcin Choszczyk

Owner, Yonet Web Design

Ethical HR Solutions Ltd